How it works

For LSHTM students and staff

Chariot provides support with any aspect of commercialisation to all LSHTM staff members and Students. If you have an invention for a product or service, would like to tell us about the technology you have been working on, or would like to provide a consultancy service, Chariot Innovations will support and work closely with you to facilitate any of these activities.

We offer guidance in:

  • Assessing the commercial potential of your research.
  • Working with you to develop an optimal commercialisation strategy.
  • Developing and protecting the intellectual property (IP) underlying your research.
  • Assisting in obtaining additional funding for your translational research
  • Negotiating and managing any license agreements arising from your research.
  • Developing your spin-out idea and assisting with the spin-out process

Chariot works closely with LSHTM’s internal support services, including the Strategic Research Office, to provide a continuum of support for early stage translational work. Further details on support and training available for LSHTM staff and students can be found on the intranet.

The commercialisation process

Stage 1: An invention with commercial potential

If you have an invention technology or software with commercial potential then please complete a confidential Technology Disclosure Form and email the document to

Stage 2: Initial assessment

Once we receive the TDF we will conduct an initial assessment of the invention’s intellectual property rights (IPR) and commercialisation potential. We will also arrange a confidential meeting with you to talk about your idea and how we can collaborate to make your research commercially viable. During this conversation we will ask and look at:

  • What is the unmet need and how does your invention solve this.
  • If there are similar solutions already available and what is your invention’s unique advantage.
  • What next steps you would like to take with your invention.

Based on the outcome of the assessment we can determine whether the invention is ready for commercialisation or whether more work is necessary to improve its chances in the marketplace.

Stage 3: Generating a commercial route

Together we will work to analyse the commercial environment and the potential of your invention in the global market. This will include identifying organisations which might be interested in your invention including any market competitors.

We will also support and develop an IP strategy for your inventions and either license your invention to an external organisation or help you create a spin-out company.

Any revenue generated from commercialisation will be shared with you, your LSHTM Department and Chariot Innovations, in alignment with LSHTM IP policy.

Becoming a consultant

As a researcher you can provide invaluable knowledge to external organisations, whether this is expert advice on technological challenges or guiding to create impactful policies. If you have interest in providing consultancy services to external organisation, please email

Translational funding

LSHTM TTO works closely with LSHTM staff and other professional services to support translational funding applications.

Details of translational funding opportunities are found on the intranet.